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    Brand story

       In 1982, the first "Chrysanthemum" brand electric mosquito repellent for the first electric mosquito-repellent incense film in China was launched, marking the seed of the daisy-garden. After 36 years of development, 菊菊 has grown to become one of the leading companies in the family hygiene insecticide industry in China, with mosquito coils , aerosol, electric mosquito, electric mosquito, toilet water, killings and other series of killing products.
    In 2006, the daisy-brand mosquito-repellent incense and aerosol were rated as “China Famous Brand Products”, which was the only company that won the double award in the home-based insecticidal products industry. In December 2007, the company was awarded the title of “National Light Industry Industry Advanced Collective” and was the only company in the Jiawei Insecticide Industry that won this award. In 2008, the “Lanju” trademark was recognized as “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In addition, the company has won the honors of “Guangdong Province Customer Satisfaction Product”, “China Daily Miscellaneous Industry Association Recommended Product” and “National Excellent Private Chemical Enterprise”.
    In the past 36 years, I have always insisted on the concept of “protecting home health with technology” and constantly innovating product innovations, for consumption Provide greener, healthier and better quality products.
    "There are mosquitoes? Use daisy!", has become a household name slogan, I hope that the fragrant scent of the family, health and always accompany!

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