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  • About Us
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    group introduction

    In 1982, Lanju was born in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, which has a history of hundreds of years of chrysanthemum culture and is known as “Jicheng”. In this land of profound and outstanding people, along with the centuries-old chrysanthemum, the brilliant national brand of “Ranju” was born. In the past 37 years, it has been rooted in South China, deep-rooted, pioneering and innovative, and constantly making progress. It has grown to become one of the leading companies in the family hygiene insecticide industry in China, and has participated in almost all national standards and industry standards for the domestic household insecticide industry. The system is designed to provide consumers with quality, healthy, green and environmentally friendly products.

    In the industry, the company has pioneered the new concept of “protecting home health with technology” and put it into practice. Through the product innovation and product concept reshaping, we realize the corporate mission of “healthy life, comfy together”. The sapphire brand mosquito coils, insecticides, detergents, laundry detergents and other products have passed the "Environmental Marking Products" certification of the State Environmental Protection Administration.

    The company has established six production bases in China, and its sales business platform covers the whole country. Overseas sales are as far as Southeast Asia and Africa. The development of the daisy has been widely recognized by all walks of life. It has won the "National Excellent Private Chemical Enterprise", "China Light Industry Advanced Group", "China Top 10 Light Industry Enterprises", "National Quality Inspection Advanced Enterprise", "National "Quality integrity benchmarking typical enterprise", "national quality leading enterprise", "China Standard Innovation Contribution Award" and other honors.


    Sales Leading Position

    Environmental labelling products

    100+ products Category

    In 2017, the daisy launched a new VIS, the laurel brand was launched with a brand new image, and in December 2017 released the “White Paper of National Care”, which first proposed the industry upgrade concept from “Japanese” to “Home Care”. . At present, the daisy has formed more than 100 product groups with black mosquito coils, aerosols, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquitoes, and acaricidal products as the core, with laundry, household paper and household cleaning as the extension. . Products cover household hygiene, fabric washing, dishwashing, home care, household paper, beauty salon, shoe polish, poker and other fields, providing a package of life services for families, providing consumers with safer, healthier and warmer heart. The product.

    While continuing to develop, Lanju has not forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities, and has made active efforts and contributions in promoting traditional culture, donating funds for disaster relief, and helping the poor. For a long time, Lanju has been committed to charity and cultural undertakings, boosting the calligraphy boom of the whole people, donating money to rebuild historical buildings, holding calligraphy and painting competitions, New Year concerts, and public welfare martial arts training... Taking the initiative to undertake the responsibility of inheriting and carrying forward excellent culture, consciously Enhance cultural self-confidence, shake the banner and shout, and vigorously promote the Chinese traditional excellent culture to bear fruit in the folk, and donate tens of millions of yuan to the cultural charity.

    "Don't be afraid of the cold, its ambition is strong, it doesn't matter, its taste is fragrant." The long and profound chrysanthemum culture gives the "Lanju" brand a different style and connotation, and also gives the daisy people no fear of difficulties. Positive and promising character. Facing the future, the daisy group will continue to actively develop and provide safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly home care products for the consumers, so that the sapphire brand warms the heart of China and warms the world!